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Do you need a translation from Mandarin Chinese to English?

Look no further, Nexus translation has the expertise to translate your document from Chinese to English with accuracy and speed. Whether you require translation of a scientific document, or a website, we ensure that the meaning and style remain try to the source language. At the same time we carefully edit the final translation for correctness of the English grammar style and syntax.

Mandarin Chinese - English Translation.  At NEXUS translation, we provide accurate translation of documents from English to Mandarin Chinese and Mandarin Chinese to English.  

Since China's open policy in the early 80's business relations between China and the English speaking world have blossomed. Translation between the vastly different languages remains a key to successful international business. At NEXUS MANDARIN TRANSLATION, we understand how important your document is to you, and endeavor to provide a translation that is true to the original Mandarin Chinese meaning, while remaining correct in terms of grammar and idiom in the English.  Similarly, when working from English documents, we ensure that the characters and sentence structure in the Mandarin Chinese, read as if originally written in Chinese. The pitfalls of direct translation are avoided, which are so prevalent between these two vastly different languages.

Whether you require translation of word document, spreadsheet, or html document, NEXUS TRANSLATION has the solution. Where translation requires specialized legal, medical or technical terminology, we have access to bilingual translators equipped to translate specialized terminology from English to Mandarin Chinese, and Mandarin Chinese to English

Final editions are always edited by a translator in the target language, to ensure accuracy of syntax in the translation

We offer a simple streamlined process, to provide you with an accurate translation, quickly and affordably. 

Please do not hesitate to contact NEXUS MANDARIN TRANSLATION, with any questions you may have regarding the translation of your document. 

At NEXUS MANDARIN TRANSLATION we provide the following services:

  • Translation of documents from Mandarin Chinese to English

  • Proofreading of English documents written by Mandarin Chinese speakers

  • Website translation from Mandarin Chinese to English


The NEXUS Mandarin Translation Team. 







Why choose NEXUS TRANSLATIONS  for translation of your mandarin chinese document?

  • Avoid the pitfalls of direct translation, by leaving it to the experts

  • Unparalleled dedication to deadlines and customer satisfaction